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One of the major goals manufacturers keep in while designing gadgets is their functionality. Likewise, a bluetooth speaker too, is designed for its portability and usefulness.Portable Bluetooth speakers are wireless small speakers that use Bluetooth to connect to audio devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This has become a popular method of listening to music while on the road. You can check the pricing of a portable speaker at your nearest EasyStore in Oman, before buying. People tend to limit their jamming and music sessions on their mobile phones. You will all agree that mobile phones are the most convenient method to listen to music everywhere, but mobile speakers do not provide the sound quality that we desire! We rely on large party speakers to feel the bass, hear the treble, and comprehend the songs well. We can't transport these large and heavy speakers everywhere, and they also require a power supply. This is where portable wireless bluetooth speakers come in. With an all-new variety of Bluetooth speakers from leading brands like JBL, boAt, Philips, Sony, Samsung,  and more, EasyStore Ruwi now helps you fulfil this desire. We have the best collection of bluetooth speakers stocked at our shelves for your music needs at home and on the go! 

Bluetooth speakers are a worthwhile choice because they allow you to complete your everyday chores while going hands-free.Nothing is more unpleasant than listening to distorted speakers, as you will all agree. Sound clarity is never compromised with a portable Bluetooth speaker, no matter how loud you set the volume. Setting up Bluetooth speakers is considerably easier than setting up other hardware devices, which require appropriate installation. To pair your device with the speakers, just position them within 5 metres (or more) of the source device and click play. This simply means that you may listen to music through your speaker from your phone, laptop, tablet, or MP3 player.Portable Bluetooth speakers are designed to provide optimum performance, clarity, and efficiency. These portable speakers can run for several hours on batteries. The battery capacity varies by brand, but the minimum is reported to be 4 hours. When buying, you can compare different bluetooth speakers based on their size, price, compactness, portability, performance and much more. Whatever be the comparing grounds, we have immense choices for you waiting at our store. Here we have some of the best Bluetooth speakers with extended battery life, hands-free mode, and strong sound that can be found in Oman. Additional connecting options are available on some of the speakers.

There are several things to keep in mind while you purchase a bluetooth speaker. To start with, it should suit the core purpose for which you are buying the product. A basic model would do, if you are an indoor person who grooves with the beats doing your online job, or the daily home chores. You could opt for a more updated and performing one, if you are a party person and host parties often. Just like this, there are many other factors which determine the final choice you make. Some may want more features on a really low budget. Bluetooth speakers like JBL GO+, boAt and many such speakers can fit this need of yours. We have a wide array of spectacular, yet affordable bluetooth speakers in Oman stacked for you to enjoy the experience of choosing from the best. 

The requirement to charge Bluetooth speakers on a regular basis is determined by the battery and charger capacity. If you are a busy worker and cannot spare time charging your speaker, you should invest in a bluetooth speaker which optimises performance and won’t drain the power. On average, the latest Bluetooth speakers in the market provide 12 hours of playing on a full charge. To help the speaker last longer, make sure the charger and USB cord are both of good quality.

If you like to keep a minimalist look in everything you choose, we suggest going for something sleek and basic. A black rectangular clutch-style tiny wireless Bluetooth speaker with dual drivers and passive bass radiator will blend in with your style effortlessly. Leading brands like JBL have basic models like JBL Clip3, JBL Clip4, JBL Boombox, JBL Flip3 and much more. All you need to do is make up your mind to choose one which fits your needs and style. 

Multi-color bluetooth speakers are a great choice if you are more into a party vibe. Come out cool by showing off your vibrant and colorful speaker for your pool side party. This speaker can be your perfect companion for the beach vacay you planned with your friends. A tiny wireless speaker with a multi-color speaker front that is water-resistant is all that you need for your little outdoor trips you have with your friends and family. 

For those who want to go hands-free while cooking, during their favorite hobby, during their leisure time can choose  small portable speakers in interesting shapes. These Bluetooth speakers have a  call-receiving function that will allow you to cook up a storm in the kitchen while remaining completely hands-free with your phone. The auto power-off feature will help to manage battery life and provide additional convenience.

Furthermore, you could choose for a multifunctional bluetooth speaker, if you equally enjoy experiencing radio and hearing music. A vintage black, brown speaker can be your perfect companion while listening to music on the radio while doing some reading on a fine afternoon.To help you tune into your favourite radio station, choose one with an additional FM/AM radio function. You may even take it on a road trip with your pals to the next exotic weekend getaway.

Our store has the best Bluetooth speakers near you and will get you plenty of praises. You can check out EasyStore's whole range of bluetooth speakers at our Ruwi store, which is equipped with the best collection of bluetooth speakers in the whole of Oman. You can easily put together a stylish ensemble with these portable bluetooth speakers, which are also the most economical ones.  Imagine being able to get your hands on technological products that look as wonderful as they work. At the end of the day, what really matters is how affordable your purchase was. The core mission of EasyStore is the same. We help you buy the best bluetooth speakers at the best prices ever.

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