Microdigit 4 in 1 Blender

MH-840XR: A Wonderful 4 in 1 Smart Juicer & Blender Multi-function Food Processor from Microdigit

If you are looking forward to smartening your kitchen and your cooking habits, the Microdigit 4 in 1 Blender is a must-have. It comes with 400W of maximum power which ensures maximum performance and efficiency. This 4 in 1 blender comes with four different types of jars and each of them can be used for different purposes, and the largest of these is a 1.25 L Plastic Jar. All the jars have 4-side blades which also makes the blender perform at the highest level. The Microdigit 4 in 1 Blender has a non-slip feet feature which makes it easier and safer to use.